Fitting your NC360T into a PCIe 1x slot

Since adding a RAID card into my HP MicroServer (N40L) I’ve been struggling with the loss of my dual port NIC. After looking through a fair few posts where other people have trimmed their card to fit the slot and reading through the PCI Express standard I decided to do it as well.

There are other options, such as cutting the slots on the motherboard and covering the excess pins on the card with tape, however I didn’t want to risk any damage to the motherboard.

  1. Mark the cuts We want to leave 7 pins, this leaves 2 lanes for the PCIe 1x slot. Version 2 of the PCI Express spec gives us 500MB/s per lane. I’ll leave you to do your own math there as my intentions are for segregation rather than speed. 
  2. Mark the back as well
  3. Sand and file back I sanded with a Dremel to the point below, then used a file to carefully reduce the remaining bit that looks as if it would hold the card out of the slot slightly. Sanding took about 2 minutes and produced a very clean result. This would be a great time for your phone to not be in your pocket.
  4. Clean any dust and debris off the card carefully.
  5. Insert the card and see if it appears, mine shows in ESXi 5.1 as below